A series of Christmas themed sub quests have been added to all acts:

I wont go in to details as that would ruin the surprise but here are some info:

In the first act you will be looking for ingredients to prepare a Christmas meal. Hint Check out the Turkey Den in Blood More In the second act your looking for potions, in third you will find a clue in the spider cavern that clears some things out. In the fourth act Look for a Christmas tree, when you find it you will know what to do in the fifth act.

Once you completed all sub quests, here is a hint - Your great end reward is character level dependant and the power is randomized so doing all the quests more than once will be worth it.

I will reveal more details once the mod has been out for a while

Some changes to the original quests worth mentioning:

1: Characters start with the Horadric cube, halls of the dead is now part of a sub quest instead

2: Hellforge quest has been changed, hellforge will not drop gems anymore, instead more and better runes will drop