The skill system is greatly simplified, no prerequisites, all character skills are available 
at level 1. Each Character has 13 skills, some old some new. The new skills are naturally 
winter themed for the occasion.

Amazon Skills  |  Assassin Skills  |  Barbarian Skills  |  Druid Skills  |  Necromancer Skills |  Paladin Skills |  Sorceress Skills |  Non Character Skills

Amazon Skills
Critical Strike - passive - chance of doing double damage
Lightning Fury - a lightning bolt that splits on impact
Penetrate - passive - increases attack rating
Increased Missile Speed - Increases the speed of all your missiles
Pierce - passive - missiles may continue through enemies
Jab - rapid attacks with a thrusting weapon
Slow Missiles - slows ranged attacks of enemies
Fire Arrow - enchants arrows with flame
Lightning Strike - enchants thrusting weapons with chain lightning
Avoid - passive - dodges missiles
Slushball - A very messy snowball made from the dirtiest of slushy snow
Magic Arrow - creates a magical arrow
Guided Snowball - A snowball that's guided to the enemy

Assassin Skills
Dragon Claw - Finishing Move, double claw attack
Cloak of Shadows - blind your enemies
Blade Shield - spinning blades of defense
Snowball Sentry - Creates a senty that shoots snowballs at enemies
Mind Blast - compelling psionic blast
Burst of Speed - increases attack and movement speed
Fists of Fire - Charge-up Skill, adds fire damage to finishing moves
Snow Grenade - Lobs a snowball that explodes
Weapon Block - passive - block with two claw-class weapons
Rapid Fire - Fires multiple snowballs in quick succession
Claws of Thunder - Charge-up Skill, adds lightning damage to finishing moves
Blades of Ice - Charge-up Skill, adds cold damage to finishing moves
Shadow Warrior - summon a shadow of yourself

Barbarian Skills
Double Throw - throw two weapons at once
Stun - stuns your target
Presents!!! - Creates a present from an item, pass'em around!
Whirlwind - whirling dance of death
Bouncing Snowball - A very solid snowball that bounces
Leap Attack - leaps and attacks target enemy
Frenzy - successful double swing hit increases speed
Shout - alerts party and improves defense
Oversized Snowball - Throws an oversized snowball
Battle Cry - reduces enemy effectiveness
Natural Resistance - passive - increases natural resistances
Axe Mastery - passive - improves axe fighting skill
Increased Running - Increases the player's stamina and speed

Druid Skills
Arctic Blast - shoot a jet of ice
Gigantic Snowball - Sends a gigantic snowball barreling towards the enemies
Werewolf - transform into a werewolf
Snowstorm - Summons a storm of packed snow around the caster
Hunger - life-and-mana-stealing bite
Lycanthropy - passive - improves shape-shifting ability
Oak Sage - summon the spirit of the oak
Volcano - create a volcano
Summon Dire Wolf - summon an enraged wolf
Rabies - bite causes disease - werewolf form
Fury - multiple attacks - werewolf Form
Cyclone Armor - shield from elemental damage
Tornado - create a tornado

Necromancer Skills
Corpse Explosion - turns a corpse into a bomb
Lower Resist - curse - lowers enemies resistance to magic
Summon Snow Fort - Creates an instant snow fort around the target
Revive - raises a monster to fight for you
Decrepify - curse - greatly slows and weakens enemies
Fire Golem - creates a golem of fire
Iron Maiden - curse - enemies damage themselves
Bone Armor - creates a damage absorbing bone shell
Confuse - curse - monster attacks random targets
Summon Snowman - Creates a snowman to help you
Snow Golem - Creates a golem of snow
Poison Nova - emits an expanding ring of poison
Bone Spear - summons a deadly spike of bone

Paladin Skills
Conversion - Change allegiance of monsters
Holy Bolt - divine energy that damages undead
Holy Fire - aura - flames damage nearby enemies
Holy Freeze - aura - freezes nearby monsters
Zeal - attacks multiple adjacent enemies
Charge - charge and attack target
Smite - shield bash
Cleansing - aura - reduces poison and curse duration
Conviction - aura - weakens enemies
Redemption - aura - redeems the dead for mana and life
Snow Hammer - Creates a spiralling hammer of snowy goodness
Snow Strike - A chilly attack
Resist Winter - An aura that helps you and allies against the cold

Sorceress Skills
Cold Mastery - passive - cold attacks become piercing
Hydra - summons multi-headed fire beast
Warmth - passive - increases mana recovery rate
Charged Bolt - creates multiple deadly sparks
Chilling Armor - retaliates against ranged attackers
Energy Shield - uses your mana as a shield
Blizzard - Creates a blizzard centered over the caster, only damages enemies outside the eye of the storm
Snowfall - A quick flurry to chill enemies without mitts
Telekinesis - moves objects with your mind
Snow Nova - Pushes snow outwards to chill enemies
Teleport - instantly moves to destination
Lightning - creates a bolt of lightning
Enchant - enchants melee or ranged weapons with fire

Non Character Skills
Plant A ChristmasTree - Cast a spruce seed and a tree will soon grant you power and  protection!???
In adition to this some of the old nolonger used character skills are assigned to magic