Souls are a new kind of item in Nezeramontias. Nearly every enemy in the game (even bosses) possesses a "soul" that can only be obtained as a rare drop from that specific monster. Souls are unique items that may be equipped in the ring slot and contain enchantments that reflect the monster killed for it. Some souls grant basic stat bonuses or enchantments the monster possesses. Others grant you the skills of that monster. Some allow you to transform into that monster while others allow you to summon the monster to fight by your side. Experiment to find which souls work best for you :-)

Note: Monster souls appear in red when on the ground. This should help you keep them separate from all the other items lying around.


The Soul Hunter Medallion

Soul Medallion stats When you first start a new character, you'll have two medallion shards in your inventory. Use these two shards in the cube to create a unique charm called the Soul Hunter Medallion. As you play through the game, monsters will occasionally drop their souls. While many souls have bonuses that are useful to various characters, you can only equip two at a time, so you're going to obtain many souls that you won't feel like keeping. Rather than selling them, you can insert them into the cube with the medallion to add to the "soul count" stat. The Soul Hunter Medallion will grant several bonuses to the character that will increase as souls are added. Some stats need more souls to boost than others, and you'll have to collect quite a few souls before any stats are boosted. Click here to see a chart detailing each of the medallion's stats and how many souls are required for obtaining different bonuses.

In addition to the soul count, the Medallion also tracks a "kill" counter for your character throughout the game. However, not all methods of killing a monster will increase the kill count. Melee attacks or missile attacks like bow/crossbow skills will increase the count each time you kill a monster. But most spell attacks will not. An easy way to tell if an attack will increment the count is to select the skill and view its damage in the character status screen. If the skill receives extra damage from bonuses that normally increase physical attacks (strength, dexterity, extra cold/fire/lightning/poison/magic damage) then killing a monster with it should increase the counter on the Soul Hunter Medallion.

The medallion itself does not actually do anything with the "kill" stat other than maintain the counter. However, you may come across some enchanted items through your travels that use your number of kills to determine what bonuses they give.

There are also a few secret recipes that involve the Soul Hunter Medallion. I'll leave you to discover what they are.

Medallion Stats and Growth

Stat Number of souls needed to increase stat.
Reduced Curse Duration 128
Extra gold% from monsters 32
Magic Damage reduction 128
Physical Damage reduction 128
Reduction in required skill points 1024
% bonus to experience from monsters 64
% reduction in item costs 128
Strength 32
Vitality 32
Energy 32
Dexterity 32
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