Welcome to the official site for the Nezeramontias mod. Nezeramontias is a modification of Diablo 2 ©. This mod is designed for version 1.10 of Diablo 2© and requires the LOD expansion to play. Like all other mods, Nezeramontias does not work on Battle.net. Unlike many of the larger mods, this one involves no altered dll files (in other words, no code edits). Therefore, this mod is fully compatible with both the Mac and Windows version of Diablo 2©.

Once complete, this site will have multipule sections of data both for people interested in learning about the mod and for current players looking for a better understanding of how things in the mod work. The screenshots come from the mod. Many of the new graphics can be found from various D2 modding sites (see the links section for a start), but others are specific to this mod. Do not ask for copies of new inventory images or permission to use what you see here; I didn't create these new graphics, and I don't grant permission to use them.

News: 11/23/2005: Updated Spoiler Page

I've made some very minor touches in a few places that should make some of the pages load a little faster, but the main update is the additions to the mod spoilers page. Take a look if you'd like to view some of Nezeramontias's various Easter Eggs.

News: 11/4/2005: Added Area Level Data

It may not be common knowledge to non-modders, but Diablo 2 maintains a "level" for every area in the game as well as all monsters, characters, and hirelings. With that in mind, I added a chart listing the levels of each area to the areas section. Area levels mostly effect things like how much gold is dropped from objects like chests, but in Nightmare and Hell difficulties, it also controls the actual levels of the standard monsters populating those areas!

News: 10/1/2005: Two updates in one day! One new page and a split of an old one.

I decided to split the former "Miscellaneous" section into two pages: a page on the various levels and one on some of the collectable items used for special recipes. I'm going to add some new information about areas in Diablo 2 soon and I've already added a little info on the various 'fruit' items in the mod to the collectable section.

Furthermore, I've added one entirely new page: the spoiler page. Each spoiler will be hidden behind a link; click the link, and the secret is revealed! Of course, the page is rather barren at the moment as there's only one spoiler listed, but if you've ever wondered just how to get through that room in the Gauntlet with the invisible walls, here's your chance!

Finally, I've added descriptions for a few more items in the New Base Items section and updated the FAQs

News: 10/1/2005: A couple of new links and one new page.

I've decided to add a Frequently Asked Questions page for the mod. Also, I've added a link to the Phrozenkeep forum for this mod to the menu at the top of the page.

News: 9/19/2005: Not really an update but rather a note about downloading.

I've gotten a lot of e-mails lately from people having trouble downloading the mod. The mod is currently hosted off FilePlanet. Unfortunately, the structure of FilePlanet seems to have changed recently, and following the links will redirect you to their main page. You can still reach the mod from FilePlanet, but you either have to go to their site and login before clicking on the download link or go to their main page through the links and then log in (you should be redirected to the correct download). Hopefully soon, I'll have an alternate source. On occasion, I've seen sites I've never heard of contain various versions of the mod. I'm eventually going to change the download link to point to its own page containing instructions about where to find it and how to install it (installation is already covered in the readme, BTW). If you currently host a download for Nezeramontias 1.08a and would like a link to your download from here, let me know, and I'll add you in when I post the Download page.

News: 9/17/2005: An update to the Weapon Damage Converter.

I've modified the Weapon Damage converter over on the New Equipment page. Along with a slightly different look, it now has new fields for two-handed and throwing damage and will give you results for all three simultaneously.

News: 9/9/2005: More layout toying!

There's nothing big to report; I've just editted the layout some more. There are some changes to color schemes on several pages, and some of the tables should show better contrast. I'm also trying to decide what next to add to the site in terms of mod info. Stay tuned!

News: 9/4/2005: Toying with the layout!

I decided to play around with the dull layout of this site. While this page exists to provide information for players of the Nezeramontias mod, it also serves as my learning experience with web programming, and after several months sitting in limbo, I've finally started dressing up the layout a little. It's still nothing extravagant mind you, but making this page has been a good learning experience, so don't be surprised if you see little edits to the layout from time to time. A future goal is to make a banner for this site to display on each page.

Now most of you probably don't care about any of that and are just here for news on the mod. As everyone knows, Blizzard recently released the 1.11 "patch" to Diablo 2 (if you really want to call the buggy thing a patch :p ). Due to real life, work, the reluctance to work with a somewhat unstable update and the fact that the person who was finishing up the remaining skill pics for the next (and likely last) version of Nezeramontias has lost use of her computer for the foreseeable future, the mod is currently on hiatus. The next update wasn't anything big, but it does fix a few remaining bugs that are still hanging around and fixes some of the crash problems with attribute heavy sets. I suppose the question is would it be better to update for the old (and IMO better) version or patch away and port? Any thoughts?

News: 5/28/2005: Finally something is in the misc section!

I added a "Miscellaneous" page to this web site at the very beginning to catch some of the odds and ends about the mod. And now, roughly a month since the site was started, there's finally something in it! The Misc Section now has some info about the "Doll" items dropped by some act bosses and sub-bosses in the game. Furthermore, the section gives an overview of some the major level changes, including Kagero Dungeon and The Guantlet. There's also a little info about the monster generators you'll occasionally encounter.

News: 5/25/2005: Armor stats posted in the Equipment Section and a sprinkle of humor

The New Equipment section now has tables for all the exceptional and elite level armor in Nezeramontias. You can view stats on their requirements and defensive capabilities (as well as damage for boots and shields that have them).

And for something completely different, you take a look at a mod related web comic I did. Yep, it's stupid and written in Engrish. I'm considering adding a 'humor' section to the site later and posting a few other random absurdities, but for now, this little comic will sit all alone.

News: 5/18/2005: Equipment Section and Hireling Section update

The New Equipment section now has tables for all the exceptional and elite level weapons in Nezeramontias (except throwing potions). Again, you can view the damage, requirements, and the strength and dexterity bonuses for each weapon. I also added in a few missing entries from the normal weapons section.

Also the Hirelings section now has a table displaying the growth rate of two hidden stats for each hireling: damage reduction and magic damage reduction. This is an addition to version 1.08 and beyond. There's no method of displaying the information in the game, so you can use the chart to determine the defensive capibilites of each hireling.

News: 5/16/2005: Equipment Section update

Over in the New Equipment section, I've added tables for all the normal level weapons in Nezeramontias (except throwing potions). You can view the damage, requirements, and the strength and dexterity bonuses for each weapon.

News: 5/12/2005: Version 1.08a released and a few updates

Due to a few hanging bugs, I went ahead and released a small update to the mod. The new version, 1.08a, is available via the link in the menu. Here's the readme for what's changed in the new update.

With the addition of a new set and four new uniques I've updated the New Sets and New Uniques sections. The Gems & Runes section now has a listing and stats of all the new runes in the mod.

Finally, I'm getting the New Equipment section set up. The tables on that page are currently just placeholders, but I've added a short script for calculating the physical damage of any weapon based on its min-max damage, its strength and dexterity bonus, and your character's current strength and dexterity. I built it to calculate damages for weapons in this mod (since I changed the strength and dexterity bonuses for many of the original pieces of equipment), but you should also be able to use this tool for calculating physical damage in any mod as long as you know the stats (assuming the mod didn't add any additional means of damage calculation).

News: 5/8/2005: Version 1.08 released

Version 1.08 of Nezeramontias is now out. I've added a link to the menu for downloading it from Fileplanet. Here's the readme for what's changed in the new version.

In less interesting news, I've made slight updates to various pages to update the final additions made to the mod just before release. Nothing big; just a few additions to the lists for sets, unique items, and pictures of the new portable shrine items.

News: 5/6/2005: Some hireling info

I've got up a table in the Hirelings section listing the different skills each hireling gets in the mod. I've also made a few small changes around the different sections, and performed small corrections. The Soul Hunter Medallion table now has the correct growth rate for reduced curse duration.

News: 5/5/2005: Gem update and recipe section contents added

I've added the stats to the rest of the gems in the Gems & Runes page. Now, just the runes are left. Also, the Cube Recipes section has most of the new recipes in the mod posted (hidden ones are left out for now). Version 1.08 has a few changes to previous recipes, and this list contains the updated versions.

News: 5/4/2005: We are Live & Another new section

The Nezeramontias site has hosting! Thanks to 'erk' over at Phrozenkeep, this site is now available for viewing.

I've added a little more info to the souls page. There's also now a table of many of the new items. I've also added a Gems & Runes page to the menu choices. Only a few of the gems have been documented though.

News: 5/3/2005: More sections added

There's finally some semblance of content forming! I've updated the screenshot gallery by adding more images. I've also added some general info and the experience growth chart in the Characters section. You can also check out the souls section to get an overview of the Soul Hunter Medallion as well as a chart detailing how many souls are needed to boost the medallion's various stats. Finally, there is a list of all the new sets in Nezeramontias over in the New Sets section.

News: 5/1/2005: New Sections

I'm still getting the menus arranged. I've posted a listing of all the uniques I added in the New Uniques page. The links section is updated as well.

News: 4/30/2005: First Post

First posting of the Nezeramontias web page. The format may change quite a bit before the end. Nez is a big mod. Right now, I'm getting a basic layout for all the sections. Future versions will incorporate the download links and several databases on the other pages for the various additions to the mod. There isn't much up yet, but I do have the main readme for the mod posted. You can also click on the screenshot appearing on this page to view a gallery of mod screens.

If you have questions, suggestions, or corrections about the mod or the web site you can mail me. You can also post on the Nezeramontias forum hosted at Phrozenkeep.

Diablo is copywritten: ©1996 - 2003 Blizzard Entertainment®. All rights reserved. Diablo, Lord of Destruction, Battle.net, Blizzard North and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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