Frequently Asked Questions

I can't download your mod. When I click on the link, I just go to the FilePlanet homepage.
FilePlanet recently changed their setup so that download links from Phrozenkeep automatically redirect you to the homepage. Not to worry! Just log into FilePlanet and you'll be automatically directed to the download. Alternatively, you can open another window and log in before clicking on the download link. Eventually, I'd like to have a page here with multiple links to downloads, but I need to know what other sites are hosting the mod first. Contact me if you've got an alternate hosting and would like me to link to you.
Does this mod work with any of the 1.11 patches?
No. It only works with 1.10. If you try to run it in 1.11, you'll experience game crashes when you reach Act 5.
When are you updating the mod for 1.11?
Not any time soon (if ever). Work is tight, so I don't have much free time for other things. Also, Blizzard's "patch" has created several new problems in the game (spelling errors, broken masteries, useless error handling) and it's added nothing for modders. Blizzard has also already released a quick fix patch for 1.11, and these new patches are quickly becoming very large in size. If whomever at Blizzard that's in charge of D2 updates gets a working, stable patch that doesn't look to need another quick update, I'll look into porting. Given their staff changes however, I'm not very optimistic, so for now, assume any updates will be for 1.10 until stated otherwise.
When are you updating the mod at all?
Again, when I have time and a desire to mod again. I usually only mod Diablo 2 when I'm in a mood to actually play Diablo 2. I'm not playing right now, but I do have one more (short) update I want to do.
What do Golem Gears do?
If you have the Iron Golem skill, you can use Golem Gears in place of a standard piece of metal equipment to summon one.
I accidentally sold my Soul Hunter Medallion. Can I get another one?
Not unless you create a new character. Sorry :( Unfortunately, the Soul Hunter Medallion is just a unique charm, and there's no way to prevent you from selling it. Just be careful with it (and keep it in the right side of your inventory).
I added some stat boosting items to the Soul Hunter Medallion, and now the game crashes when I mouse over it. What do I do?
There's nothing you can do. There's a hard coded limit to the number of stats a single item can have. The Soul Hunter Medallion starts with several stats in place (a few of which don't appear). If you want to make use of the boosting stones (and who wouldn't?) find a small magic charm and build that instead. It'll be a lot easier to customize than the Medallion, and you won't have to worry as much about overloading stats.
I found this item from a Mystery Chest that doesn't have a description. How do I figure out what it does?
If it's a fruit, it's used to make the Cornucopia charm (see cube recipes). Otherwise, you've found one of many hidden items in the mod. Congratulations! There's a book you can find in the game that will tell you what these items are for.
I found this item in the Gauntlet with no description. What does it do?
See the previous question.
I found a Special Recipes Book in the Gauntlet. How do I read it?
Pay a visit to Alkor's shop in Act 3 and pick up a copy of his translation book. Put both books in the cube and click on the transmute button. When you move the mouse over the Special Recipes Book, you'll see one of the mod's secret recipes. The translation book stays in your possession even after you transmute, so just keep transmuting to see each page of the Special Recipes Book.
I found a white ring/amulet with no stats. What is it for?
They're normal rings and amulets that have no stats of their own. However, there are a number of recipes for attaching the stats of gems and runes to them. To add enchantments to these items, you must put them in the cube along with three of the same gem or rune and a certain number of space fragments. ings inherit weapon stats from the gem/rune while amulets inherit helmet and armor stats. Refer to the Cube Recipes page for the exact recipes.
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